Breathing Awareness:

The Foundation to a Singer’s Performance

 I am thrilled to explore the physiology and fundamental aspects of breathing. Not only does this topic bring awareness to an often over-sought area in singing, but also proper breathing techniques can help anyone in their daily health and well-being. Because breathing is connected to both voluntary and involuntary systems, it affects everything from our blood pressure, nervous system and digestive system to our emotions. All of these involuntary systems can be managed by proper breathing techniques. By being mindful of our instrument, singers can manage their preparation incorporating both supported vocal technique and drama in their performance through the breath.


I speak about:

    *  the basic anatomical and physiological parts we use to breathe
*  the essentials of vocal health and nutrition – how we fuel our instrument has a direct impact on our physical & emotional condition
*  the components we use to communicate and deliver an emotionally convincing performance without sacrificing the integrity of the vocal tone – including topics of personas, imagery and emotions
*  the ideas of dramatic breathing emphasizing the merging of the drama/text in the gesture of the breath preparation
*  fundamental and developed breathing exercises which can help in calming and energizing the body, exercising the diaphragm and establishing general mind/body awareness and connection.


My goal is to bring attention to the breathing we use to live, to sing, to feel, to communicate, to ground the singing/speaking performance and to deliver our art and message through skill and ease.